Today I was organizing my email addys on iphone & I again noticed the TWO sets of google.mail.com databases under Safari/Settings. Why two gmail databases?

A few google searches led me here, where I learned there can be other culprits lurking in your database as well…

“iPhone Safari browser privacy and security – history, cookies, cache, and databases” – devdaily.com:


Thanks for the warning in that article. I’ll keep a closer look on my database from now on.

As of now there are these databases under Settings/Safari:

1. Google Translate Phrases
2. Google Mobile Maps

3. iPhone User Guide

4. mail.google.com (all email addys under this one say 25MB Max allowed)

5. RLDGUID = a.ringleaderdigital.com (“a” as in ADVERTISING?!)

6. RLDGUID = m.whitepages.com

7. mail.google.com (all email addys under this one say 10MB Max allowed)

8. yahoo_services = mlogin.yahoo.com


Mysteries to me:

A. Why TWO SETS of mail.google.com databases (#4 & #7 above)? There are 20 of the SAME gmail addys in BOTH of those. I would like to delete duplicates but am not sure why there are TWO sets of mail.google.com databases in the first place? And why does the first set say 25MB Max yet the second set says 10MB Max? EACH database also has its own “GmailMobileWeb” thang.

B. Not sure what #5 & #6 RLDGUID’s are, either:

#5 RLDGUID evidently comes from http://ringleaderdigital.com/ who invented RLD per their site. I have no idea why this is in my database.

#6 RLDGUID, since it says whitepages, it may belong to a whitepages app I had but have long ago deleted the app as it was pretty useless.

C. I do have ONE yahoo addy, so I guess that accounts for #8.


If anybody has insight into any of the above, especially re Mysteries A (two mail.google databases) & B (the two RLDGUID databases), please do comment below.



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  1. Some funny comments were added to the blog link I included above. One guy called the ringleader digital office to ask why they were in his iphone’s database, & since the boss wasn’t in, the sec’y & #2 man said they had no idea & were surprised, to say the least:http://www.devdaily.com/iphone/iphone-safari-browser-privacy-security-history…~~~~~~~~~

  2. New info Dec. 2010 from the WSJ re apps/spying & advertisers… See link below:——————–12/20/10:  LIST OF IPHONE & INTERNET BIG BROTHER NEWS:Posted 12/19/10:DEADLINE: FCC TALMUDISTS TO VOTE Re INTERNET FREEDOM 12/21/10:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/deadline-fcc-talmudists-to-vote-re-internet-f———————————-Posted 12/19/10:NEW “SCARY” IPHONE SPY INFO FROM IPHONE USER:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/new-scary-spy-info-from-iphone-user———————————-Posted 12/19/10:ATT/IPHONE CLASS ACTION COMMENT REMOVED – AGAIN!:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/attiphone-class-action-comment-removed-again(Same thing happened in July.  Link further below).———————————-Posted 12/19/10:”YOUR APPS ARE WATCHING YOU” – WSJ Investigates iPhone & Android Apps:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/your-apps-are-watching-you-wsj-investigates(See also similar AP news article from July, further below).———————————-Posted 12/19/10:APPLE COWARDLY REMOVES CHRISTIAN APP from APP STORE:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/apple-cowardly-removes-christian-app-from-app———————————-Posted 12/14/10:1984 COMES TO IPHONE via NAZI SNITCH “PATRIOT APP”:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/1984-comes-to-iphone-via-nazi-snitch-patriot———————————-Posted 12/7/10:12/6/10: Consumer Reports says: AT&T: America’s Worst Wireless Carrier:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/12610-consumer-reports-says-att-americas-wors———————————-Posted 11/19/10:GREAT ADVICE re HANDLING ATT/IPHONE DATA USAGE OVERAGES:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/great-advice-re-handling-attiphone-data-usage———————————-Posted 11/18/10:IPHONE-ATT MYSTERY DATA USAGE CONTINUES:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/iphone-att-mystery-data-usage-continues———————————-Posted 10/13/10:WILL THE FCC ALSO PEER INTO ATT-IPHONE DATA USAGE/ BILLING?:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/will-the-fcc-also-peer-into-att-iphone-data-u———————————-Posted 10/13/10:GOOGLE to IPHONE: “YOUR COMPUTER IS SENDING AUTOMATED REQUESTS” – HUH?:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/google-to-iphone-your-computer-is-sending-aut———————————-Posted 9/25/10:APPLE DELETES ATT/NSA SPY DOCUMENTATION FROM “MYSTERIOUS IPHONE DATA USAGE” THREAD:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/apple-deletes-attnsa-spy-documentation-from…———————————-Posted 8/12/10:COPS LOVE IPHONE DATA TRAIL:http://mobicritique.amplify.com/2010/08/12/cops-love-iphone-data-trail-nogallhttp://paradisemobi.posterous.com/cops-love-iphone-data-trail———————————-Posted 7/30/10:7/29/10 ATT DATA USAGE GIZMODO RESPONSE:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/72910-att-data-usage-gizmodo-response(What a sell-out Gizmodo was!)———————————-Posted 7/30/10:7/30/10: ATT/IPHONE CLASS ACTION COMMENT REMOVED:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/73010-attiphone-class-action-comment-removed———————————-Posted 7/30/10:7/28/10: iPHONE APPS SPY ON YOU (Yahoo News/AP Article):http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/72810-iphone-apps-spy-on-you———————————-Posted 6/29/10:WHAT’s LURKING IN YOUR IPHONE DATABASE?:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/whats-lurking-in-your-iphone-database———————————-Posted 11/8/09:BIG BROTHER iPHONE?:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/big-brother-iphone———————————-Posted 11/7/09:RFID + iPHONE: Wooowooo!:http://paradisemobi.posterous.com/rfid-iphone-wooowooo———————————-

  3. All those prior headlines are now here at ParadiseMobi wordpress but I’m too bird-lazy to correct all the URLs above. Instead, an html list of ALL posts since 2009 is here:



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