6/9/13: The FBI Is Spying On You Too Snail Mailers, So Maybe Don’t Mail Ricin:

“FBI agents were able to track the letters using a Postal Service program called “Mail Isolation Control and Tracking” that “photographs and captures an image of every mail piece that is processed” through the USPS. Using those images, investigators were able to determine that the letters were sent from the New Boston, TX area (where the couple lives) before being transported to Shreveport, LA for processing.”


UPDATE 6/23/13: I was at JimStone’s site reading re the Michael Hastings “car bomb” murder & was looking down the list of older JimStone articles & happened to see this older, undated, short post of his re Post Office Spying:


The Post Office has automated mail intercept

I am VERY busy with the video of Occupy LA and other things, so I want to throw this out there because I can do it quickly, and it is important –

Many of you heard me say how the NSA told all of us that the phones have been bugged since the beginning of time, ect. BUT there is something I forgot to mention –

I had a friend in a high security position at the regional mail sort center in Minneapolis Minnesota. Since I had a decent clearance, I got to see the guts of the place with him, he took me through. AND what I saw was SHOCKING

Remember 20 years ago, when those bar codes started appearing on the bottom of the mail envelopes, even when the address was hand written? WELL, I have a story about that which really needs to be told.

I got shown the mail sort machine, and it had a camera on it that could read ALMOST ALL the mail going through, EVEN BAD HAND WRITING, and put that barcode on the bottom. Cool, right? Well, wait a minute, maybe not!

The machine could be programmed to look for an address going to a political dissenter. IF there was someone out there who was disenfranchised with the government, that machine, when it read even a poorly handwritten address either to or from a dissenter, could be programmed to kick that mail out and send it up a chute, where there were people opening the mails and reading them. All types of envelopes were available, so the mail could be re-packaged without a trace, with a printer printing the exact same writing back on the new envelope.

The machine could not always read the address, it read most but not all. When it could not read the address it hit another chute where there were people downstairs who manually typed it in, and it got sent along as usual, unless, of course, the address came up as belonging to an undesirable.


Forget snail mail as a way of getting a message across, it’s as rigged as e-mail; Just thought I’d let you know.

. . . . . now back to work.



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    Well, it’s “official” when a Leftist MSM outlet confirms the story rather than an “Alternative”-Alex-Jones-type media source, lol.  So here you go people, USPS has been snooping on Americans’ mail for years already, per the NY TIMES:

    7/3/13:  “U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement” –


    There are 445+ comments total with that article as of now (8:40pm same day) with many that, surprisingly (for NYT readership), show people are just NOW being JARRED into a “Surveillance State/Big Brother” reality by this article & several that either apologized to, or admitted “The conspiracy theorists were right!”  :D  Sweet!

    One guy said, “I’ve been trying to tell you this for 10 years!  You need to do your own research!”  A heartwarming innocent reply from a meekling sincerely asked, “But how & where do we research?”  

    Awww, that made me sad :(… that, truly, some people might not have a clue where/how to begin.  What they need are simply some of the NWO buzz words to put into a search engine, such as:

    Police State – New World Order

    Militarization of Police – New World Order

    Civilian Prison Camps – New World Order

    DHS FEMA – New World Order

    Big Brother – New World Order

    Freemasonry – New World Order

    Luciferianism – New World Order

    Three World Wars – New World Order

    Hegelian Dialectic – New World Order

    Tavistock – New World Order

    Mind Control – New World Order

    Propaganda – New World Order

    Social Engineering – New World Order

    Sexual Revolution – New World Order

    Homosexual Agenda – New World Order

    Feminist Agenda – New World Order

    Movies-TV-Hollywood-Porn – New World Order

    Destruction of the Family – New World Order

    Destruction of Christianity – New World Order

    Dumbing Down of Public Schools – New World Order

    Multiculturism – New World Order

    Diversity – New World Order

    Frankfurt School – New World Order

    Marxism – New World Order

    Bolshevism – New World Order

    Communism Socialism Democracy – New World Order

    Corporatism (Fascism) – New World Order

    Illuminati – New World Order

    Rothschild – New World Order

    Federal Reserve – New World Order

    Banksters – New World Order

    Rockefeller – New World Order

    Council on Foreign Relations – New World Order

    Trilateral Commission – New World Order

    Bilderberg – New World Order

    Club of Rome – New World Order

    Etc. Etc.

    OR — skip ALL that & go straight to these searches & save yourself several years of research trying to pinpoint the source-instigators of the Judeo-Masonic World Conspiracy:

    International Jewry — New World Order
    Jewish Cabal — New World Order

    Jewish Kaballah — New World Order

    Zionism — New World Order

    Israel – New World Order

    Noahide Laws – New World Order

    Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – New World Order

    Destruction of the Goyim – New World Order

    Destruction of White Christian Nations – New World Order

    Merovingian Dynasty – New World Order  

    And just start reading!

    Knowing Bible Scripture & prophecy helps make sense of it all because without that, people remain deceived that they can actually change what is happening.  God already looked AHEAD eons ago & SAW where unbridled sin would lead humanity in the future.  It is that future (which is now) that God had recorded in Scripture so people would NOT be deceived when the future unfolded itself & the End Times arrived.

    Scripture also gives HOPE of what is to come AFTER iniquity reaches its fullness.  So if you’re not saved, get saved first (see Menu bar).  Otherwise you may be tempted to stick your head back in the sand, feeling the reality is too much to bear.  It isn’t!  Now get busy learning!   


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