Google’s New Spying Tool “Quantum Super Computer” Goes Live in Q3 2013

“A new, bigger, better, & totally different type of computer toy with which to spy on you, Little Red Riding Hood,” says the Big Bad Wolf!


This is an update to my post I authored 18 months ago concerning the damnably dark Edomite/Madman Agenda of Raymond Kurzweil (Cursed-well) and the Trans-humanist Agenda where certain elite “men” literally desire to elevate themselves to the level of “God” as soon as humanly possible. If you missed this earlier post, you can read it here:

So, what’s new on the man-usurping-God front? Are you sure you want to know? Well Mr. Kurzweil is now employed by GOOGLE, which according to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is THE primary covert data-collector for the NSA via internet tracking technology.

What is this warped, atheist genius doing for GOOGLE? He’s their “Director of Engineering” of course! Why is that a problem? Remember how Kurzweil replied to the question “Does God Exist”? His answer: “Not Yet” tells you all you need to know about his psyche.

Now we learn that Kurzweil and GOOGLE are the recipients of the first “Quantum Super-Computer”!


Read the rest of that detailed & very interesting article here:

6/23/13: “Quantum Computing + Utah NSA Data Collection Center = Disaster for Humanity” – A. True Ott:

And don’t miss the comment from “Jim”!



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