This is a very well written & thorough article, with names & reference links/interviews, that summarizes ALL the recent & older exposures of the Gov’t Agencies (plural) & their obsession for spying on huge numbers of people, along with the “code names” for their various operations & programs (which caused an urge to well up to start an “NSA SPYING GLOSSARY” post… you could create a mini-dictionary from that article alone).

The Senator Frank Church ominous warning/quote from 1976 is also included, which indeed has become a reality. Their folly was wasting time thinking to make “laws to keep the monster in check.” What they obviously needed to do was “kill the monster” from the Get Go:

6/24/13: “A Giant Blackmail Machine: NSA Spying: So They Are Listening In, After All”:


While reading that article & its mentioning of Fusion Centers here, Data Centers there, Server Farms over thattaway, etc., I laughed & thought, “Well, it’s obvious, then, that somebody just needs to go ‘dismantle’ [pull the plug on] all those places & ‘problem solved’ — no more ability to store massive amounts of info on people!” :)

Where’s the “lone nutter terrorist” when you really need one? Lol!

When I got down to the Comments I saw that somebody basically says the same thing I was thinking…


Druthers· 7 hours ago

At the end of WWII one of the first things liberated people did was to attack the local archives of the SS, sending papers flying or burning, knowing that it was from these centers that the decisions were made to persecute, round up, torture and destroy all opposition to the Nazi regime.

***I have long thought the next revolution will be against these computers that now store, for government use, all the information that in religious times supposedly belonged to God.***

If the devil exists he is now sojourning in Utah….We shall see.


Exactly, Mr. “Druthers”!

“The Revolution” is vs. “THE COMPUTERS.”

So who needs guns & ammo?

What you need are Engineers, Hackers, Hammers, Torches, & a few Dump Trucks full of throwable bricks. :)

And he was right, also, re their goal of playing God & only HIS ability to be “All Knowing.” God will allow them to have a “Short Day” of trying to copy His power, but it won’t last long… just long enough for them to hang themselves by their own toenails for All Eternity.

So how will things look, Mr. Pyramid, on the day when YOU are on the bottom, upside down, looking up into the “Wrath of The Lamb”?


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