HOW MANY TWITTER @’s is TOO MANY? Controversial Journalist Gets Blocked for Using Only Three @’s!

HOW MANY TWITTER @’s is TOO MANY? Controversial Journalist Gets Blocked for Using Only Three @’s!

This journalist, Vic Livingston, was interrupted from posting on Twitter in May when he sent a tweet to ONLY THREE Twitter IDs via their “@” (“mentions”). He got a warning message on his computer screen telling him that was too many @’s (“mentions”) & he needed to “sign/check” the form agreeing to not be so “abusive” re Twitter terms & policies, etc.

Since when is THREE @’s too many? Every Friday Twitter has a “Thank Everybody who Ever Retweeted Any of Your Tweets” Day (or they used to, do they still?). And you should see those “Thank You” tweets! People fit in 10-15-20 @’s in one tweet!

So why did Livingston get hammered? Was it because his tweet was addressed to @DHSgov & @fema & @cyber?

He says the warning message & form/agreement that popped up was not from Twitter. He says the message came from LOCKHEED MARTIN who runs the “DRACONIAN WARRANTLESS TELECOM/INTERNET CENSORSHIP-PSYOPS TAMPERING” program for the US Govt.

Ah ha! That would make sense & this occurred before the Snowden NSA- Spying revelations in June.

Livingston says they WANT you to “sign/check” that online pop-up “non-
abusive agreement” so they can get you to incriminate yourself agreeing to the Military Industrial/Government Complex that “Yes, woe is me, I’ve been a bad boy & I am abusive. You got me.”

His tweet itself was not claimed to be abusive (“free speech” re a psyop) but they were trying to hammer him on using too many @’s (“mentions”)! THREE! Only three, lol! Unbelievable.

Read his tweet & story here:



The above LOCKHEED LOGOS with the two “open-ended” triangles could be seen as the two parts of a hexagram (6-pointed occult symbol); & these below have the “tilted” (Baphomet) pentagram (5-pointed occult symbol):



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