“The answer [to NSA Spying] is mailpile/ . Distributed hosting so they can’t serve a notice to the central server and encrypted. Can’t wait.”

“Mailpile: Let’s take email back!”:


Reader Comment at top was seen here:

“Lavabit email service abruptly shut down citing government interference”:


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  1. More re Mailpile:

    9 Aug 2013:

    “It is opensource software. Which means anyone can go and read every last bit of code that makes MailPile work. So no secrets. On top of that, it is set up on your own hardware, with encryption keys only known to you. Mailpile developers can’t get to your mail even if they wanted to.

    “Crucially important is that this service promises to make encryption easily available to everyone. I may be using PGP keys now which can provide privacy but are little use if noone else uses them. Mailpile can change that, and enable people to encrypt their mail without being geeks. :) ”


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