9 Aug 2013: “The answer is to host your own [email]. If the authorities want access to my email, they will have to ask me, because the server is located under my desk. Of course email going in and out could be monitored en-route, or at source/destination on another server. Not much I can do about that. Of course I can give people email accounts on my server. Then the authorities will know they are logging on to it, but they won’t know the contents of the message, just the approximate size.”


Reader Comment from:

“Lavabit email service abruptly shut down citing government interference”:


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  1. I should have kept reading further down before posting the above. Someone else asked exactly what I was thinking, ie:


    9 Aug 2013
    If the authorities want access to my email, they will have to ask me.

    “But that’s what appears to have happened to Lavabit. The best inference (given that we can’t be told anything) is that they asked for access and Lavabit closed down rather than grant it. If the authorities came to you, what would you do?”


    Exactly. Maybe would have to be located in a country that does not bow down to the NSA, where they have no jurisdiction.

  2. Another suggestion re Secure Email:


    9 Aug 2013
    “GnuPG (Gnu Privacy Guard) plus Mozilla Thunderbird email client + Thunderbird Enigmail addon. GnuPG is free software and open source.

    “Instructions how to to set it up here:

    “How to Use Enigmail with GnuPG in Thunderbird | Security In A Box”:

    “The problem is persuading your friends to use it too but the time to make the leap is now.”


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