Above: “Happy Hour” at NSA-HQ, lol!


Below: Homemade Tin Foil “Hat” for your MacBook!

Lol, hilarious!

I did not create those pics but could have as I share the sentiment! It was great to see/read that at least SOME Apple FanBoys are awake & with a sense of humor, vs others still either naive or in denial re all things conspiracy, including the newest iPhone 5s “Touch ID” Fingerprint Scanner.

I don’t even want a front-facing camera, much less a fingerprint scanner; nor the other new creepy additional M7 “sensor”/processor which will “sense,” track, & process “health data” from supposed “health apps” when the phone is Off.

NO THANK YOU, Apple. Looks like I’m stuck from ever upgrading to the latest/greatest, but will have to downgrade or look elsewhere.

Those above pics came from this thread, btw. Too funny!

“Apple Offers Additional Details on Touch ID, iPhone 5s Won’t Store Fingerprint Images” – MacRumors Forums:


I’ll be using this post’s Comment section to add updates to this subject as events unfold. Have a laugh in the meantime!


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  1. Apple Fanboy Comments from above MacRumors thread:

    “Dear Apple, I’m sorry because I realise it’s not really your fault, but I don’t trust that the NSA haven’t nobbled you, and nothing you have said so far leads me to… um think different, as it were.”


    “All true, but who’s to say they don’t have a back door to grab the sensor data raw and read to another memory address space or pipe it right out?

    “I don’t much see what the NSA would do with our finger prints anyway, they have a million other ways to link you to your phone, like oh say your phone number for just one of those…still, if they wanted your print, now they’ll be able to get it.”


    “At this point in time both sides [Apple/NSA] are tainted by past actions and people should be leery of any statement given by either Apple/NSA. PR rarely holds any grains of truth in it. Only way the public would know for sure is if another whistleblower comes forward.”

    [Check prior whistleblowers, Wm Binney, & the other guy who exposed the AT&T/NSA spying scandal.]


    “The thing about conspiracy and paranoia is that those terms are only really applicable when there’s no proof to back the claims up, only conjecture. Apple HAS gotten in bed with the NSA, and leaked documents show that the NSA HAS made companies build backdoors into both software and hardware devices. It doesn’t matter how encrypted these things are when the NSA holds the keys to decrypt it.

    “I can’t believe that this is even a matter for debate, unless someone is so attached to a brand that they refuse to get their head out of the sand and admit to what is actually out there in plain black and white facts.”

    [Exactly! The deniers just don’t keep up with the news, I guess!]


    “a decision that could ease concerns from privacy hawks.”

    “I love how the WSJ inserts in pejorative language into what is – especially with the Obama NSA revelations – a quite valid concern.

    “This is an important way in that the media tries (and usually succeeds) to shape opinion, to create “correct” thought. Lovely.”

    [Exactly! It’s “loaded language” to mock those whose eyes are open!]


    “It isn’t in Apple’s business interests to make it insecure on purpose. Sadly, we know for a fact (only because of leaks) that the NSA, GCHQ etc are actively working with companies to give them whatever access they can possibly get, and then gagging the companies from telling the consumer (for obvious reasons).”



    “It’s not paranoia when they [NSA] are admitting going after everyone’s data is part of their job!”



  2. More Apple FanBoy Comments from same MacRumors thread…


    “Funny how people believe what NSApple spokesperson says… ”

    [Lol, good one, NSApple!]


    “To think that ARM, an English company, and Apple, an American company, have not had their security compromised by either country’s multiple security agencies is so last year.”

    [ :-D !!]


  3. Another… He’s responding to all the naive ones calling the wiser ones “nut jobs”:


    “And can we stop with this idiotic “your fingerprints are all over your phone!” nonsense? A tech company can put in a backdoor for a digital finger print, can’t do the same for the ones on your screen. Also I’d like to address the “Disney takes your finger prints” argument. That’s great if they do. Let them tell the NSA whenever I enter and leave Disney world. Collecting a fingerprint to gain entrance to a theme park and collecting a fingerprint to make a phone call/search the internet/send an email are two different things.

    “IMO all these “nut jobs” are valid in their concerns. Google Edward Snowden to find out why.”


    Thank you!

    There are many more, but you get the idea. People are waking up but just as many stay asleep with blinders on, a “disease” called “LACK of information.” Simple Cure: READING!


  4. Now here’s a guy who is thinking on his feet. He understands the PR/propaganda game & how what is NOT said is often more important than what IS said…


    “You know, when I watch that fingerprint video with the SVP of Hardware guy (sorry, I don’t remember his name) jump at the chance to insist they “don’t send the fingerprint data to APPLE’S servers or iCloud backups,” I began wondering who else’s servers they could be sending it directly to? I just wonder how honest/sincere he is in that moment.

    “I don’t really want to be paranoid, and the 5S looks really nice, but who can confirm it actually isn’t being sent elsewhere.

    “Apple is really good at phrasing carefully the ideas they want people to believe, and often what they don’t say is just as important as what they do say.

    “I would love to believe there truly are no security issues/concerns with Touch ID, but until I hear more from third party security professionals, I’m reserving any final opinions until later.”

    Make that two of us!


  5. Buy this next man a beer! He’s totally awake as well. He’s responding to this comment:

    “So a fingerprint scanner on an Apple device is all of a sudden a recipe for the coming of a Nazi like regime in the USA. This is just ludicrous.”

    Now the smart guy’s reply, & I like his old payphone analogy to poke holes in the above guy’s comment:

    “The phone company didn’t steal your dime. The phone company gets millions of dimes every day. They wouldn’t single out YOUR dime to steal.

    “If you think the pay phone stole your dime, you must be paranoid. Crazy. It wouldn’t happen.

    “The data Apple collects on you that the NSA can access is not the problem. It’s a tiny part of a much bigger problem. A tiny part. If you took Apple out of the equation completely, the problem would still be there. If you took Obama out of the equation, the problem would still be there.”


    Yessir, THAT is exactly the truth of the matter! Once a person wakes up to reality & understands the evil “PRINCIPLES” that make up the BIG PICTURE, the EVIDENCE is EVERYWHERE & is undeniable.


  6. “It’s not the data itself, it’s the ability to LINK it to BEHAVIORS.”

    Bingo! It’s called PROFILING.

    (An ages-old TV show — “predictive programming” –informed everyone in advance. Remember “THE PROFILER”? Pretty blonde Samantha?)


  7. “I’m baffled that we’ve reached a point where the lead article can use a term like “privacy hawk.” It’s like we’re starting with the premise that you have no privacy, then being told how nice it is to occasionally have some privacy.”

    Exactly! It’s called “slowly boiling the frog.”


  8. From page-8 of the same thread:

    “Ex NASA employee with top secret clearance here. Apparently I’m the only one of us who’s had their entire life scrubbed that still understands the difference between background checks for security clearance and possible continuous data and location logging that are tied to a piece of biometric data.

    “Please stop with this “the government already has my fingerprint” nonsense. It’s not about them simply having that one piece of data. It’s about the possibility of them tying that absolute unique piece of data to every activity you undertake on your device. After that who knows what the possibilities are.”

    There you go!


  9. From page-13 of the same thread:

    “The new M7 can record any activity, it even knows when you park your car.”

    M7 is the new coprocessor/sensor in the new 5s that I mentioned as Mission Creep #2 reason I don’t see me getting a 5s!


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