Top-10 4G SmartPhones as of 8/29/13

Top 10 4G-Network Phones as of 8/29/13 (before the new iPhone 5s/5c was announced on 9/10/13):

–iPhone 5 (iOS.6) limited 4G-options

–HTC One (Android) + “metallic chassis”
–HTC One Mini (Android) + “aluminum shell”

–Sony Xperia Z (Android) 5″-Slim, quad-core, 2gb RAM!!, 13mp Camera

–Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android) + “bloatware” (& “sexist marketing commercial”)
–Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (Android)

–Nokia Lumia 925 (WindowsOS.8)
–Nokia Lumia 820 – 4.3″, “Amoled Screen”(?), hardy/sturdy, strong specs

–BlackBerry Z10 (BBOS.10) 4.2”
–BlackBerry Q10 (BBOS.10), Qwerty, NFC

8/29/13: Best 4G phones 2013: 10 to choose from | TechRadar:

That “overview” article was really crummy, very shallow, no detailed specs, but at least it gave me the actual Names of the other phone options out there in Mobi-Land. You’ll have to click on each additional link under each phone’s photo below to get more details.

Last night I read an August 2013 article & 8-pages of Comments at EE Times (a site for “electronics geeks/nerds”) by a guy who dumped (out of disgust & frustration) his new Nexus.7 (Android) Tablet & went & got an iPad instead because be said the HW/SW of the Nexus.7 worked like crap & wasn’t worth the hassle. He said Apple products “just work.”

Surprisingly, most of the comments agreed with him, though they were sorry to have to admit it, & they refer to Apple as “that OTHER company” (lol) because it is “politically incorrect” in GeekLand to actually say anything good re Apple, lol again.

Apple is Closed-Environment SW/HW, whereas Android is Open/Google which allows geeks to tinker/tweak “under the hood.”

But Open/ability to tweak/tinker means every Tom Dick & Harry gets to throw their wrenches at the “engine” creating more chances of dings & dents than if only Tom was in charge & making sure Dick & Harry were not doing more harm than good.

That’s my best “non-techie woman’s description” for all the other non-geek ladies out there, of the difference between Apple & the other companies/products.

The problem, though, with Closed-Environment-Apple is like dealing with Big Brother: he’s a Control-Freak who gives you very few choices & robs you blind in the process (expensive!). Definitely no “a la carte menu.”

Phone Photos below from the 8/29/13 article. ===============

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 review



HTC One review


Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 review


Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 925 review


BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10 review


Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z review


Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini review

===================BB Q10

BlackBerry Q10 review


Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 820 review


HTC One Mini

HTC One Mini review


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  1. Re: the Sony Xperia-Z more-detailed link:

    Initially I was excited to see 2gb RAM, BUT these are killers that will NOT suffice:

    –Only 5 homescreens??? It said that is all Android allows! Pfff! No way! Is that true? That ALL Android phones can only have 5 measely homescreens? Unbelievable if true. I’ve got near 40 homescreens on my iPhone 3Gs (not jailbreaked either!) I found a “tip” online back in 2009 of how to add more homescreens to iphone 3Gs, thank goodness, & I use them for different subjects/projects, etc. It keeps things nicely organized & separate. Whether that “tip” will work on newer iphone iOS’s I don’t know as I only upgraded iOS once due to certain necessary apps I did not want to lose & which Apple axed early on (Memory Sweep-type app for one!)

    –Xperia-Z has GLASS front & back. Whoever thought glass was a good idea for the backs of cellphones? (including Apple!) Makes no sense, not so much for fear of dropping it but due to the radiation exposure as radiation goes right through all “building materials” including glass. I would think the metal phones/laptops/computers might be better as the metal might act as a Farraday Cage/shield keeping the radiation inside. Of course you need a glass front screen to see, so a metal back & sides would then push all the radiation toward the front where you & your face are. I’m going in circles here, lol, back around to a glass or plastic back as that might be better afterall by letting the radiation go out the backside vs toward your face. — Actually, I’ve read cell radiation is 360 degrees, meaning it is coming out all sides of cellphones so none of it is safe, really. Distance away from it is the only true protection, unfortunately.


  2. Here’s another phone not on the above original list, pretty detailed review, but only a 32gb HD, so not for me (need 64gb or bigger!):

    9/16/13: LG G2 Review – Droid Life:


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