From 2011: “Does home-WiFi expose you to less radiation than using the 3G on your cell-phone?” – Skeptics Stack Exchange:

No definitive answer was given, Yes or No, but there were interesting bits & pieces:

Any radiation below ultraviolet (radio, microwave, infrared, and visible light) is non-ionizing and won’t penetrate bone, meaning it can’t break down atoms (and consequently DNA, leading to cancer) and it can’t get to your sweet, delicious brain. […]
The radiation strength is determined by the frequency that the devices operate at, i.e., the frequency of the radiation they emit. 3G devices (in the U.S.A.) don’t really have a set frequency, but rather will operate at various levels ranging from ~800 MHz to just shy of 2.4 GHz (more if you’re using Bluetooth or 4G phones).

WiFi signals, on the other hand, share the same general frequency as microwave ovens at right around 2.4 GHz. […]
I appreciate the info on radiation being non-ionizing, which is often left out of the debate, and so, for both Wifi (hi-freq, low power) and cellular (lo-freq, hi-power) the equation might even out. […]


So what do you think?

Is non-ionizing radiation really safe?

Is either wifi or 3G really safe? (4G & LTE are even stronger.)

From all I’ve read this year, nothing electric is really safe, wall wiring, dirty electricity, etc., plus cellular, wifi, microwaves, etc.

For info re the negatives, see:

I was thinking of switching to an iPod Touch (wifi-only) vs. an iPhone (3G/4G/LTE) for internet reading/writing/blogging, thinking the iPod Touch/wifi would be less harmful. That first link at the top didn’t really help much for finding an answer to that. :-/


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  1. These Mac guys poopoo the idea of radiation dangers (not surprised, Mac fanboys are a snotty bunch overall).  They also mentioned the non-ionizing radiation as not being the same.

    This comment is re iPhone headphones having antennas inside them.  Hmmm!  Guess I didn’t realize that:

    From 2010:  “Whats worse? 3G or wifi radiation?”:
    …take note that the iPhones use plugged in headphones as part of their antenna component, so in some manner you may technically have the antenna wrapped around your head if you’re wearing headphones and making a call. 


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