Decent article here re the Samsung announcement re its Galaxy Round smartphone (above photo). But the 15 commentors live up to the name of the site, ie, FOOL(s) dot com!

10/9/13: “Samsung, Not Apple, Could Start the Next Great Smartphone Trend”:

Those 15 snobs think a curved phone is insane & ridiculous, would serve ZERO purpose, & will be a HUGE flop. They fail to think of anyone but their selfish narrow-minded SELVES. I think a curved phone is a BRILLIANT idea because it will fit GREAT in smaller “petite size” hands, allowing our shorter fingers to reach farther around the phone for a more comfortable grasp than having the lower-left-corner of the current straightback iPhone 3Gs digging into my palm!

And since Samsung is a KOREAN company, hello!, where humans are naturally SMALLER in stature & with smaller hands than big Western clodhoppers, I predict great success for their Galaxy Round smartphone all across the billions of people in Asian territories AND anywhere us “petite people” are found!

So, Mr. Samsung, I say, BRING IT ON! I would love to try it. Please send me one at your earliest opportunity! :)



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