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Bingo! I just wanted to save that excellent succinct summation of all that is wrong with iOS7, as stated by a guy, PNutts, in this below thread:

“The new design is not easier and more intuitive. In fact simplicity = confusion now” – MacRumors Forums:
I think people [you mean APPLE & the NWO] underestimate how valuable things like [the now] disabled controls and colors go towards guiding users to accomplish a task. Or at least something, anything. Now it’s a game of hide and seek where I’m staring at a screen where I know I can do something but I don’t know how and there is no visible control. So try the same things over and over… Swipe, tap, double-tap, etc., and hopefully stumble onto something.

I’ll use deleting or forwarding a text message in iOS 7 an example of design gone wrong or in this case “regressing usability.”

That is one of many such complaints. Yet the 44-year-old “copycat” punk, Apple non-Genius designer, Jony Ive (who just bought a $12-million residence in SanFran last year), & who is responsible for this mess, said back in June that iOS7 is “a whole new STRUCTURE that is COHERENT and is applied across the ENTIRE system,” & that “the design RECEDES, and in doing so, ELEVATES your CONTENT”:

Um, No, Ive. The exact opposite is reported by MANY. Content cannot be “elevated” if it cannot even be PRODUCED in the first place due to LACK OF “structure” & “coherence”! But Apple is cruel. It doesn’t want people actually using iPhones to PRODUCE but only to CONSUME. They want to sell you a $2,000+ computer instead in order to PRODUCE anything.



The above blinding white “new” Notes app (right) with invisible grey time/date font, pale yellow hyperlinks & washed out keyboard is just ONE example of the misery of iOS7. Try PRODUCING long posts on that vs the traditional VISIBLE black font on the yellow Notes app (left) with dark brown VISIBLE hyperlinks, date/time, etc.!

Other user complaints re iOS7:

+AESTHETICALLY REVOLTING (native Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Safari apps)

+ANTI-INTUITIVE; COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE (nothing works as it should)

+CONFUSION (functions not readily apparent)

+INCONSISTENCY throughout the entire iOS (different symbols vs Consistent symbols, etc.)

Only devilish minds PURPOSEFULLY SPAWN confusion (1st Cor. 14:33).

Assaulting cognizance, focus, consistency, coherence, efficiency, natural flow, & beauty — & then denegrating those who call it for what it is (“groupthink’ers” at mac forums are notorious for doing that) — is a page from the Devil’s Playbook:

Welcome to the “New World Order,” including Apple’s Jony Ive & his “marketing gurus” ideas (whom he called in to assist) for “Changing Things for No Good Reason but Change.”  CONFUSE, DISTRACT, DISCOURAGE is the name of the game.  See prior post, second lower half, “iOS7: That Is So Gay”:



Is British “Sir” Jonathan “Jony” Paul Ive Jewish? He’s #83 on this list. Can’t see the bold from this iphone but the Jewish names were supposedly in bold:

2007: “Vanity Fair’s ‘Top 100’ seems to confirm age-old ‘canards’ about ‘Jewish power’ (mobile/pda)”:

Another copy of that same 2007 VF list w/Ive #83 & Yes, it says he is Jewish:

Vanity Fair’s 2010 list also has Ive listed & includes this note about him:
“LEGEND HAS IT: Ive left the design firm Tangerine to join Apple shortly after his client, Ideal Standard, rejected his designs for a new toilet.”

Maybe that toilet he designed, like he said re his iOS7, “RECEDES, and in doing so, ELEVATES your CONTENT”!!  Is that the type of “minimalization” you’d want in a toilet? :-/

Here’s a different undated-list regarding Apple’s Executives:  It says No re Ive being Jewish but that Jews are OVER-represented at Apple, demographically-speaking:
–Of the twelve(12) Apple executive officers, four(4) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 33%.
–Of the eight(8) Apple directors, five(5) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 63%.
–Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.*
–Therefore Jews are over-represented among the Apple executive officers by a factor of 16.5 times(1,650 percent)
–And overrepresented on the Apple board of directors by a factor of 31.5 times(3,150 percent).


It looks like two Jewish men are now missing in 2013 from the above Execs list, Browett & Mansfield; & of course non-Jew Forstall is also missing from the current list. As for the current BOD, it is exactly the same as the above list, so it still has more Jews “by a factor of 31.5 times(3,150 percent).”



A lady who works from her phone many hours a day as I do, offered these complaint links & twitter IDs:
Please send complaints to &/or
and tell them dumping skeuomorphism means they have lost the Apple quality that made them so easy on our eyes.

And while you are at it, you can harass:
@tim_cook (CEO)
@sirjonyive (Designer Punker)

…on Twitter to tell them what a disaster this is… people are leaving Apple for Android… why pay more when you can have cheap looking Honey Boo Boo phone for less?

Lol at “cheap Honey Boo Boo”! :) You mean something like this?

And NO WONDER the new iOS7 looks like:
LIPSTICK colors with Andrea Jung (married to Jewish guy, Gould) on Apple’s BOD, who also is “Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors of AVON”!
–And looks like COTTON CANDY from Disney World with Robert A. Iger (Jewish) on Apple’s Board of Directors, who is also “President and CEO of The Walt Disney Company”!



A commentor at another blog said the color scheme for iOS7 is due to Apple wanting more of the Chinese & Asian markets as they really love colors. That blog’s author, however, adamantly disagreed saying it was strictly due to Apple wanting to corral in more young American kids (which I agree). Probably only Phil Schiller (Jewish) knows for sure (Apple Worldwide $$ Marketing Exec), & maybe also Peter Oppenheimer (Jewish), Apple Senior VP & Chief Financial $$ Officer.



Here’s a humorous read re Apple’s new iOS7 operating system for iPhones 4-5s:

9/21/13: “Interview with 8 year old designer of iOS 7” by Things wrong with iOS 7:


That interview is hilarious & right on! Good job. I’m so glad to start seeing wordpress bloggers blasting iOS7 (that is the 2nd blog I’ve seen), & where we can comment truthfully w/o the snotty condescending Apple fanbots/fanboys in Mac forums & at “professional tech sites” telling us these massive hideous changes to the iOS are “no big deal,” “get over yourself,” etc. I get so sick of that “politically correct” attitude!

[Photo:  South Beach Art Deco District, Miami]

FWIW, I WAS planning to get a new iphone this time around, it’s been 4 years, but now am holding back after reading numerous reviews & seeing plenty of iOS7-in-action photos.

To go along with the above blog’s “rainbow” complaint, other people have described iOS7 as:

–”Clown Vomit” (lol!)

–”A bad LSD psychedellic trip” (lol, so true!)

–”Girls Magazine” (font, colors, so true!)

–”Mickey Mouse functionality” (very true!)

–”Gaudy!” (cheap chintzy tacky “flat look” – copycat of Google, YouTube, then WordPress jumped on that same wagon, then recently YahooGroups did as well, & I hear Windows & Android started this downslide).

–And my own opinion before I even saw the Molly interview, was that iOS7 looks like a “Gay Pride Parade in the South Beach Art Deco District”!

Could I get away with saying that at tech news sites or Mac forums? Probably not, but that’s exactly what it portrays. Don’t get me wrong, I love “tropical colors,” but there’s a right way & a wrong way, ie, Elegant vs. El-Cheapo:

[Photo:  You don’t like invisible grey font, you miserable Boomers?  Take that!]

What we have with iOS7 are Pastel Rainbow Colors & very thin Anorexic “Art Deco-looking” fonts in an eyesight-distressing light grey & other “South Beach colors” on shallow cheap whitewash backgrounds >> no “FEELING,” no luxurious elegance, no ambience, no richness nor depth, no texture, no maturity; just a tacky lollypop kiddie show for young girls (or gays)!

The message is clear, in more ways than one, this is the War of “Satanic Inversion”* against Aesthetics — & the “Middle-Aged Middle Class”:

“Screw the Boomers. We’re Going After the Kids.”

No thanks, Apple. I’ll wait for an exquisite & more mature “fine wine” experience. Try again.


“GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION…” (1st Corinthians 14:33)

*Satanic Inversion: The occult agenda to flip everything on its head, with governments & corporations in lockstep with it:

–normal is now abnormal
–abnormal is now the norm

–beauty is now ugly
–ugliness is now beautiful

–good is now bad
–bad is now the good

–right is now wrong
–wrong is now right

–righteousness is now hate
–hate is now righteous

–morality is now repressive
–licentiousness is now moral

–individuality is now rebelliousness
–whereas groupthink is praised

–quality is now “old hat”
–cheap & raunchy is now quality

–intuitiveness is now condemned
–confusion is now desired

–orderliness is now nonsense
–chaos is now glorified as “orderly” (& “minimalist” in IT design)

If you understand the Big Picture, you already know that one of their goals is to “irritate the Goyim to pieces” & turn our world upside down, in addition to homosexualizing children & other evil agendas. I see hints of the above two in iOS7.

“Ordo Ab Chao!” Full Speed Ahead (their motto, not mine!)



Story here:

7/13/13: “Where Police Can & Can’t Snoop Through Your Phone [Interactive Map]” – Forbes:


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