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“Google Is Not What It Seems” says Wikileaks

Photo Combo: “Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, photographed in a New York elevator, carrying Henry Kissinger’s new book, ‘World Order’, 25 Sep 2014″ + “Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt and Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State and National Security Council head under President Richard Nixon, during a ‘fireside chat’ with Google staff at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, on 30 Sep 2013. In the talk, Kissinger says National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden is ‘despicible’.”

Read this heavily referenced & long excerpt from Julian Assange’s book, “When Google Met Wikileaks”:

I’m not sure if that would be a case of the “pot calling the kettle black,” but here’s a truthful short snip from it, just the same:

There was nothing politically hapless about Eric Schmidt. I had been too eager to see a politically unambitious Silicon Valley engineer, a relic of the good old days of computer science graduate culture on the West Coast. But that is not the sort of person
who attends the Bilderberg conference four years running, who pays regular visits to the White House, or who delivers “fireside chats” at the World Economic Forum in Davos.43

Schmidt’s emergence as Google’s “foreign minister”—making pomp and ceremony state visits across geopolitical fault lines —had not come out of nowhere; it had been presaged by years of assimilation within US establishment networks of reputation and influence.

On a personal level, Schmidt and Cohen [both Jews, btw, as is Kissinger] are perfectly likable people. But Google’s chairman is a classic “head of industry” player, with all of the ideological baggage that comes with that role.44 Schmidt fits exactly where he is: the point where the centrist, liberal, and imperialist tendencies meet in American political life.

By all appearances, Google’s bosses genuinely believe in the civilizing power of enlightened multinational corporations, and they see this mission as continuous with the shaping of the world according to the better judgment of the “benevolent superpower.”

They will tell you that open-mindedness is a virtue, but all perspectives that challenge the exceptionalist drive at the heart of American foreign policy will remain invisible to them.

This is the impenetrable banality of “don’t be evil.” They believe that they are doing good. And that is a problem.

They indeed are “dancing with the Devil,” their disguised & deceiving “benevolent superpower.”

But we all knew it already, didn’t we?!

“They believe that they are doing good. And that is a problem.”

The True God agrees that is a problem! >

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”
–Proverbs 14:12

Read the intricate spider-web of relationships with which this behemoth known as Google is deeply entangled:

“A ‘don’t be evil’ empire is still an empire”:




There are people all over YouTube still currently (Nov. 2012) saying the same thing, ie, There is NO “Edit Channel” option! Ditto for me!

The reason they (& myself) are seeking/asking for an “Edit Channel” link/button/option, is because that’s exactly what Google Instructions say to LOOK for:

Yet there is no such animal for us. Google Instructions/wording do not match reality, all too often, or they lack sufficient detail.

The photo provided at this GOOGLE PRODUCT FORUMS shows a site that ALREADY HAS a “Featured Video” with “Edit” (not “Edit Channel”) in the above right corner of the video. That only applies if you ALREADY have a “Featured Video” set up:!msg/youtube/ixtNUNURJhI/zRDzk9fX27wJ

If you do NOT have one already set up, all you see is “VIEW” options, not “EDIT” options in that corner.

This next article from Jan. 2012 has a fairly detailed How-To Explanation, but it is not correct either (maybe it was correct THEN):

“How to SET a Featured Video on YouTube”:

I stumbled upon the ANSWER while zooming in on my YouTube page so I could take screenshots of all corners & options everywhere. There’s a Lesson in this for me & maybe you:


Q: Hadn’t I already learned that frustrating lesson throughout life, having been a “paper-instructions hater” for 40 years since those old paper-instructions never matched the product either? So why have I reverted to reading INTERNET instructions that also don’t match up?

A: The joke is on me. FOREGO the instructions & TAKE PICTURES of your site instead. You’ll find the answer FASTER that way & without being sent in wrong directions by outdated &/or wrong information.


It is NOT in the upper right…

And it is NOT in the upper left…

And it is NOT right above the rows of playlists in the upper right of those…


1. You’re already logged in & on “My Channel.”

2. If your site FEED is not the Default, tap FEED now until the tab turns dark grey.

“Now You DON’T See It”…

4. …”But NOW YOU DO!”

5. Whoa! How did that happen? Here’s where “the joke’s on me” comes in: Simply tap INSIDE the window that plainly says (in my face), “CREATE A NEW POST,” & voila! The drop-down menu (“VIDEO or PLAYLIST”) & URL/LINK window next to it THEN APPEARS “LIKE MAGIC” out of nowhere, where you can now choose & SET a Featured Video &/or Playlists!  BINGO-DUH! << A new word, a combo of Exhiliration & You-Dummie rolled into one!

Here it is again in all its glory (& because I love the funny guy in glasses & the other guy puckering up a big fat kiss for finally finding the True Love SOLUTION!):

Ever hear the song, “LOOKING for Love IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES”? Well, this hunt & search for “EDIT,” “EDIT CHANNEL,” “SET FEATURED VIDEO” &/or PLAYLIST via “official instructions” is just like that, it had me looking everywhere EXCEPT right in front of my face!

Link/Remove Spaces:
http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=byOzCJauEbw

Once you SET a “Featured Video” or Playlist at Step 5 above, the EDIT tab should appear in the future in the above right corner of the Featured Video so you can change it, etc. (I haven’t gotten that far yet.)

And as for an “EDIT CHANNEL” option, Forgetaboutit (said with a “Joey Buttafuoco” Italian accent, of course), as “Edit Channel” does not exist in my world.

NOTE: The YouTube site photos & instructions above are based on a 2007 YT-Channel as of 11/25/12, & a Safari iPhone browser in Full-Site-View. So if you are seeing differently, maybe your YT-Channel is newer or older &/or it’s a browser thang.


The clue is to NOT look for the words EDIT CHANNEL, nor SET FEATURED VIDEO/Playlist, etc.  That will only drive you batty.

–Log In.
–Go to My Channel.
–Tap FEED.
–Tap INSIDE the window at top of the Feed page that says, “CREATE A NEW POST.”
–Voila.  The drop-down menu for setting a (FEATURED) VIDEO or PLAYLIST now appears right below that window; & right next to the drop-down menu is a blank URL window for inserting link to playlist or specific video, etc.

Bottom Line:  Looking for the words “Edit Channel” or “Edit” anything, or “Featured Video,” etc. will send you in circles to Nowheresville.  Look instead for the words “FEED” & “CREATE A NEW POST” & you’re home free!  HTH!



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