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Below is a compact EMF, RF, LF info alert with several worthy links, again from “The Microwave Factor”:


Can Radiation From Wi Fi Cause Fertility Problems, A.D.H.D. & Cancer? Hear Dr. Martin Pall (of Portland) & U.K. Microwave Expert Prof. Barrie Trower Speak

By: Wireless Education Action

October 10, 2013 — Dr. Martin Pall, Professor emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University, has just published a paper in the Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine that has resolved a long-standing puzzle about how EMFs can influence our bodies. It shows that EMFs act by activating some channels in cells known as voltage-gated calcium channels. He will explain how activating these channels can act along a pathway that is thought to be involved in several diseases that we are all concerned about:

Dr. Pall is also the author of the book: Explaining ‘Unexplained Illnesses’: Disease Paradigm for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Gulf War Syndrome:
<a href="

[PM Note: That I need to go read. I had already heard about CFS now being blamed on EMFs at the site. I disagree 100% because CFS is not the same as true CFIDS aka ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) which is a viral disease. Everybody & their brother now has CFS but not everybody has ME, an encephalitis triggered by virus [CEBV in my case]. There were NO cell towers nor cellphones nor personal computers in 1979 when I first got sick working at a small newspaper in a small town high up in the Rockies. That is why I don’t buy the EMFs-cause-CFIDS/ME theory. CFS, maybe. But not CEBV/CFIDS/ME.]

Professor Barrie Trower has met with a wide international community of government officials, universities and medical professionals. With extensive knowledge of microwave weapons, Trower is well suited to address this issue. In Portland he will present, for the first time, his new paper that asserts the reproductive systems of girls and boys is being adversely affected by exposure to microwave radiation from laptops and wi -fi routers:

[PM Note: I previously read the above Trower report when it was posted at the site last month. Chilling! Especially re the children! I’ve been hanging around MacRumours Forum the past month trying to decide on a newer larger-HD handheld device & it is shocking how many Apple & Android parents are talking there re all the gadgets & iPads they gladly give to their kids, as if there is no concern in the world re the health of their little beloved munchkins!)

Referring to thousands of, Soviet, British, European and U.S. Military studies, Trower makes the astonishing claim that school girls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (WiFi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, fetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children when they give birth.

Professor Trower and Dr. Pall are among a growing community of scientists, government agencies, medical and parent advocacy groups that question the safety of our children in schools where they are exposed to 7 hours of microwave radiation from wifi routers each day:<a href=";

Wireless Education Action is an organization dedicated to furthering public knowledge of the biological effects of wireless technology and “non-ionizing” radiation.

News distributed by:
The Microwave Factor, by EMF Refugees: The International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet




As far as I can tell, this only applies if you use Google+, which I don’t & never have. But if you do, time to read up:

10/11/13: “Google to Sell Users’ Endorsements” –

Creepy info re Facebook in that NYTimes article as well. I don’t use FB either. Yuk! Here’s another link re the same story:

10/11/13: “Google Plans to Use Our Pictures to ‘Endorse’ Ads, Here’s How to Opt-Out” – The Mac Observer:


I wish I didn’t even use Gmail, but at least I don’t do searches while logged in to Gmail webmail (their webmail I rarely use anyway, only via Mail app); nor have I given Goog any ID Photos nor real names at sign up (email addy acts as Name). I never fill out “profiles” for anything, nor street addresses, nor participate in surveys, petitions, etc. Commenting at youtube I have done plenty of &, of course & unfortunately, you have to log in to Goog to do that, but not under Google+, AFAIK.

The only way to survive the privacy invasions & stay online & not be sold out by Big Brother Corporations like Goog & FB is just to lay low & be “wise as a serpent, yet innocent as a dove.”

I’m always shocked how many people use their real names all across the internet. SMH. Pick & use an ID like LawnMowerMan or FlowerGirl or whatever, but never your real name. If you’re a business, though, that’s a different story. Transparency is a must if you’re running a business.




Red Ice gives us another excellent example below of propaganda (mass media mental conditioning, ie, brainwashing):


9/18/13: “Getting Personal – Your Pulse Could Be Your New Password” by Red Ice Creations

Solving Problems That Aren’t Problems

One doesn’t have to be a luddite to question the recent advancements in the tech device and biometrics industry. Apple just released its new iPhone with onboard biometric fingerprint scanning. This new product by Bionym, Nymi, seeks to use your identifying heartbeat to sign you in to places where you’d require a password.

Full story, that originated at CBS, is at above link.

Yes, Big Brother wants us to willingly hand over every intimate detail of our minds, bodies, spirits to “the god of THIS world.” (2nd Corinthians 4:4).

Our Creator God, on the other hand, says, “GUARD YOUR HEART for out of it are the sources of life.”  (Proverbs 4:23)  Maybe He also had in mind these days of “bio-metric heartbeat-ID-scanning” when He said that.

From front-facing cameras to grab your eyes to Apple’s new fingerprint scanner, we now are told that the “corporations who love us” are making something even better, that gizmo that will use your pulse (heartbeat) as a PIN since it is more “unique” than a fingerprint.

Tech-puppet-sites like Mashable think it is a wonderful idea, but Red Ice tells it like it is with their subhead:

“Solving Problems That Aren’t Problems.”

Bingo! What they mean by that is exactly this:

“Problem – Reaction – Solution”!

If you’re unfamiliar with that phrase, devote a few hours of research on that subject alone & your eyes will be forever opened & you will see through the bombardment of propaganda incessantly being put before us for our ready consumption, not only on this subject of PINs Safety/Security, but regarding EVERYTHING.

Here’s how it works:


1. There is NO Problem, so Problems MUST be created in YOUR MIND so Big Brother can gain more & more Control over you which is their goal.

2. Public Institutions, Schools, Think Tanks, Govt. Agencies, Corporate Mongers, LapDog Mainstream Media, News, Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Movies, Celebs, Etc. (all originating from the same controlled source) fulfills this part of the Mind Game by CONVINCING you there IS a Problem that NEEDS “solving.” This is Propaganda.


1. The purposeful manipulation of your mind (re whichever subject) can be slow & subtle (over a period of years) or “fast & furious” (as in “drumbeats of war,” one of their favorite M.O.’s).

2. Then they sit back & WAIT for you to finally REACT to their massive unrelenting propaganda campaigns:

–“Oh dear, those spooky terrorists! Save Us Big Brother! Make more laws to control us & everyone!” (Who created the “terrorists”? See A.1 above!)

–“Oh dear! PINs are so insecure! Save Us Big Brother! Take bio-
maps of our entire bodies if that’s what YOU say we need!”
(Who hacked your computer? See A.1 above!)

–“Oh dear! God, Jesus, Bible, Christianity are SO oppressive & repressive! Free us from these shackles, Big Brother! Give us Freedom, Liberty, Atheism, Secular Humanism!” (Who told you God was oppressive/ repressive? See A.1+2 above!)

–“Oh dear! Confused teenagers think they are gay & are killing themselves en masse! Save Them Big Brother! Outlaw reparative therapy & legalize Sodomy & Gay Marriage for our children & LGBTQ loved ones!” (Who confused your children & gay loved ones in the first place, Hmm?  After looking in the mirror, see A.1+2 above!)

–“Oh dear! Women are dying in filthy back alleys getting illegal abortions! Save Us Big Brother! Give us open, legal, easily accessible & free abortions (ObamaCare) so we can ‘be safe’ (& destroy our progeny in the process)!” (Who told you women were dying in back alleys? Hmm? Who told you it was A-OK to kill your offspring? See A.1+2).

–Etc. Etc. Fill in your favorite “headline of the day” & take note of you & your friends’ & neighbors’ & workmates’ & social-media contacts’ REACTION to same. Recognize you are being “played like a fiddle”!


1. Now that Big Brother (Judeo-Masonry) has sufficiently saturated you with THEIR incessant propaganda, & now that you have completely bought into it & have robustly REACTED to it by DEMANDING they *DO* something about the (contrived) “problem,” THEY, in all their Satanic “benevolence,” gladly step up to the plate & give you their PRE- planned, PRE-meditated SOLUTION.

2. You are now exactly where they want you. Brainwashing Complete. Mission Accomplished! You are now “safe” & can enjoy “peace,” free from all the “problems” THEY created ON PURPOSE to deceive you, rope you in, & CONTROL you from head to toe. Happy now? ;)


“WHENEVER IT IS that THEY are saying, ‘PEACE & SECURITY!’ then sudden destruction will be upon them as a snare, just as the (unexpected jolting) birth pangs upon a pregnant woman.”
–Apostle Paul’s 2,000 year-old prophecy (1st Thessalonians 5:3) that describes to a tee what is accelerating in our day.

Keep that in mind as more & more gadgets, rules, laws, can & can’t do’s/think/say/write-regulations are offered like candy to a baby for our supposed “safety, security, peace,” & which will ultimately be forcefully imposed upon everyone.


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