Catching up on one of my newer RSS feeds there was an article from the Netherlands re how much more dire 4G/LTE will be than 3G because 4G/LTE is stronger (great for speed, worse for health, just as I figured)! Then the next article was the one further below re LI-FI! Brilliant! Bring it on! (before we all shrivel up & die from wi-fi as did those plant sprouts exposed to wi-fi as shown/reported a few months ago by 9th grade girls doing a school science project).



Do newer USA smartphones have individual settings to TURN OFF 4G & LTE? & only use the 3G mode? If not, I might have to buy a foreign/Chinese-made phone called MEIZU MX3 which I just heard about within the past few days & which does not offer 4G/LTE because China doesn’t have those frequencies yet. So it only has 3G built-in. Since I’m used to 3G speed via AT&T anyway & which has worked fine for the most part for over four years (only bogs down once in awhile), if I never “taste” 4G/LTE, I won’t know what I’m missing & won’t “spoil” myself.

Meizu’s just-announced in Sept. 2013 “MX3” model is the WORLD’s “FIRST EVER 128 GB” onboard ROM smartphone (not via SD Card add-on). Yes! 128gb!!! Just what I had hoped Apple would release this Fall but didn’t. I need a hand-held workhorse gadget! You can keep the games, notifications, sounds, buzzers, ringers, biometric scanners, etc., even the phone part. All I need is a huge HD, hand-size, with tons of organizable notes apps, non-unibar browsers, mail app, & SOME in-built WAY TO ORGANIZE PHOTOS into Project Folders!

Meizu’s 2012 model, the MX2, got great reviews for the most part (one guy in SanFran asked, “How did I ever miss hearing about this beauty?”) as being a high-quality hardware build like iPhone but allows flexibility via Android OS. The best of both worlds!

A description I was reading of the MX2 re its build & specs said Meizu built in an extra cover/coating to help protect the user from EMR (electromagnetic radiation). Excellent! Of course you can’t cover up the RFR (radio frequency radiation) or you would not be able to connect to the internet at all (see LI-FI invention below!) But hey, extra EMR protection for now is better than nothing!

Another thing I liked is Meizu still uses polycarbonate (plastic) backing, like my white iPhone 3Gs (& the newer same-size 32gb iPhone 5c’s). Well-built plastic feels very solid, balanced, & sturdy in the hand, unlike the tinny lighter-weight metal backs that all the fanboys & manufacturers are now craving/using/producing.

If those Apple & Android fanboys would stop & think instead of acting like a mindless herd of cattle, they would realize that metal acts like a blocking shield to radiation (think: Tin Foil Hat truism expression). So a metal back on a phone will help PREVENT radiation from diffusing itself evenly in 360 degrees as it should & will instead CONDENSE & CONCENTRATE all the radiation TOWARD THE FRONT, ie, toward your FACE & HEAD!

So give me a PLASTIC-BACK smartphone anyday which will allow the RFR to emit outwardly 360 degrees in a more diffuse fashion as it should, than having a metal-back phone which will block emission out the back & push most of the radiation toward my face & head! I’m no engineer but it only makes sense (& my conspiracy-side says maybe that’s why the big boys are now making metal-back phones!) Would you rather have less radiation on your hand that holds the phone & more of it shooting at your face, head, brain? Or would you rather have the radiation diffuse itself more evenly all the way around, lessening the intensity of it toward your head? It’s a “No Brainer.” :D

And I think it was at Wiki I was reading re the upper echelon Chinese “elite family” who founded Meizu. Funny because it reminded me of the article several years ago by Ben Fulford(?) that claimed the “Chinese Illuminati” said they were going to “go after & take down” the European & Western Illuminati that was destroying the world, lol. So far that hasn’t happened… unless they were referring to cellphones, ha, then maybe they will!

Now the problem is, how can you buy an MX3? They are not even available yet for China until November & who knows when for USA. A third-party seller at Amazon offers last year’s MX2, as does a site called Boxwill, but clones (fakes) have been reported on the market so you’d have to be aware of that. There is an English Meizu Forum for discussions, but the official Meizu site for ordering is in total Chinese with no USD-$ option that I could see (via Google translate which didn’t work very well at all).



Back to the subject of this post:

Highly Recommended News Distribution Source re all things EMF, EMR, RF, LF, etc., & from which the below LI-FI article came:

“The Microwave Factor, by EMF Refugees: The International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP)”:


Shanghai Fudan University develops new Li-Fi technology

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2013-10-18
  • 11:43 (GMT+8)

A new light bulb design on display at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, Apr. 6. (Photo/Xinhua)
A new light bulb design on display at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, Apr. 6. (Photo/Xinhua)

Shanghai’s Fudan University has made a breakthrough with the development of “Li-Fi” technology, in which a one watt LED light bulb can help connect four computers to the internet simultaneously, reports the local Xinmin Evening News.
Compared with an average internet connection speed of 150 megabytes per second (Mbps), the new technology — which uses light as a carrier instead of traditional radio frequencies used for Wi-Fi — can also generate speeds as fast as 3.25 gigabytes per second (Gbps), the university said.
The current wireless broadband connections are expensive and less efficient, said Xue Xiangyang, a professor at the university’s Department of Computer Science. He cited the example of wireless services in mobile phones, where although there are many base stations set up to help increase the signals, efficiency rates are as low as 5%. On the other hand, LED lighting, which could be used to replace traditional devices, can provide a safer and cheaper solution by adding a microchip on the bulb, Xu said.
The Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology asked Fudan University to work on key applications to help develop the information industry last year, and the university will now showcase ten computer samples using the new technology at the Shanghai Industry Expo next month.
Chi Nan, a member of the research team, said that Wi-Fi, which depends on an invisible wave, has the hidden danger of electromagnetic radiation, while with Li-Fi technology, the light spectrum is 10,000 times more than the radio spectrum and it does not require any new infrastructure construction. He added, however, that there is still a long way to go before Li-Fi can be used by thousands of households as it would take time to manufacture a series of products, such as the connection control and chip at a mass production level.
Chi said that Li-Fi should not be treated as a rival to Wi-Fi connection but rather as a complementary technology, as the Li-Fi connection may be disrupted when the light is blocked.


Wouldn’t THAT be fantastic!

So we hope God will update Himself & say:

“LET THERE BE LIGHT! (vs wifi) for Safer Connection to the Internet!” :)




Decent article here re the Samsung announcement re its Galaxy Round smartphone (above photo). But the 15 commentors live up to the name of the site, ie, FOOL(s) dot com!

10/9/13: “Samsung, Not Apple, Could Start the Next Great Smartphone Trend”:

Those 15 snobs think a curved phone is insane & ridiculous, would serve ZERO purpose, & will be a HUGE flop. They fail to think of anyone but their selfish narrow-minded SELVES. I think a curved phone is a BRILLIANT idea because it will fit GREAT in smaller “petite size” hands, allowing our shorter fingers to reach farther around the phone for a more comfortable grasp than having the lower-left-corner of the current straightback iPhone 3Gs digging into my palm!

And since Samsung is a KOREAN company, hello!, where humans are naturally SMALLER in stature & with smaller hands than big Western clodhoppers, I predict great success for their Galaxy Round smartphone all across the billions of people in Asian territories AND anywhere us “petite people” are found!

So, Mr. Samsung, I say, BRING IT ON! I would love to try it. Please send me one at your earliest opportunity! :)



As far as I can tell, this only applies if you use Google+, which I don’t & never have. But if you do, time to read up:

10/11/13: “Google to Sell Users’ Endorsements” –

Creepy info re Facebook in that NYTimes article as well. I don’t use FB either. Yuk! Here’s another link re the same story:

10/11/13: “Google Plans to Use Our Pictures to ‘Endorse’ Ads, Here’s How to Opt-Out” – The Mac Observer:


I wish I didn’t even use Gmail, but at least I don’t do searches while logged in to Gmail webmail (their webmail I rarely use anyway, only via Mail app); nor have I given Goog any ID Photos nor real names at sign up (email addy acts as Name). I never fill out “profiles” for anything, nor street addresses, nor participate in surveys, petitions, etc. Commenting at youtube I have done plenty of &, of course & unfortunately, you have to log in to Goog to do that, but not under Google+, AFAIK.

The only way to survive the privacy invasions & stay online & not be sold out by Big Brother Corporations like Goog & FB is just to lay low & be “wise as a serpent, yet innocent as a dove.”

I’m always shocked how many people use their real names all across the internet. SMH. Pick & use an ID like LawnMowerMan or FlowerGirl or whatever, but never your real name. If you’re a business, though, that’s a different story. Transparency is a must if you’re running a business.


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