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Just as we are awakening to the health dangers of cellphones due to electromagnetic, radio, & wireless waves (not to mention tracking & spying in your pocket), now we learn Verizon & AT&T are already planning to discontinue their much safer (health-wise) LANDLINE PHONE SERVICES within seven years, by 2020!

Wow! Another “tried & true” long-loved (1877) historical & “can’t live without” invention, the wired “landline” telephone service —
like the incandescent lightbulb before it — will bite the dust in just a few more years!

And just when I was pondering getting a landline again someday. It’s one thing to have cellphones for “out & about,” but it’s another thing entirely for them to be THE ONLY CHOICE THERE IS — OR EVER WILL BE AGAIN!

When people went from horse & buggy to automobiles, at least the horses continued to exist!

I can’t imagine governments & “The Powers That Be” going totally wireless & being without ANY landline phones. What will happen to the legendary (fake) Red “Hotline” Phone in the White House? (j/k! :) )

More wireless means more cell towers which means more & more radiation being sprayed on everyone everywhere. Not good (see for starters).

Here’s the news scoop…


7/9/13: “Telephone companies to abandon land lines” –

In Washington, the Federal Communications Commission is looking at an application from the country’s largest landline phone company, AT&T Inc. … It wants to explore what a future without phone lines will look like by starting trials in yet-to-be-decided areas. […]
The FCC put together a formal task force on the issue in December, after AT&T put in its request, and has asked the company for more details.

…most phone companies aren’t set to retire their landline equipment immediately. The equipment has been bought and paid for, and there’s no real incentive to shut down a working network. He thinks phone companies will continue to use landlines for five to 10 years, suggesting that regulators have some time to figure out how to tackle the issue.

AT&T would like to have all its landline phone equipment turned off by 2020.

Verizon’s Maguire envisions a gradual phase-out, starting right now. […]
End Quote.


I should have seen that coming but somehow I didn’t!


Notes: Thomas Edison photo: I added the teardrop & “censored” to that pic a few years ago for this post, but the photos did not import from Posterous. Thankfully google had a copy!




An update/comment below re the FCC Verizon probe, from the 50+ pages-long Apple Support Forums thread re Unknown Data Usage on iphones…

BTW, if you are having any of the same issues as described in that thread:  

The URL for complaining to FCC is:


From: Apple Discussions Subscriptions <>
Date: October 13, 2010 9:21:37 AM EDT
Subject: Apple Discussions: Topic “Unknown data usage early morning” in forum “Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth” has been updated by B Shore

B Shore posted “Re: Unknown data usage early morning” in “Unknown data usage early morning” on Oct 13, 2010 6:21:18 AM.
So ATT’s response was laughable and dangerous.  They have given the reps some boilerplate about all the things it could be.  Too bad none of them fit the facts – they might explain Received data, if you had those apps on the phone, but not huge chunks of Sent data with no Received data.  

Then they said the way to fix the problem was to delete your iTunes account!  They are so clueless – what a huge timewaster, when there is a much simpler way to stop the phone from sending diagnostic data to Apple.  (In Windows, right click on the phone in iTunes, choose Reset Warnings, say Disagree the next time you connect the phone.)

Though today’s news brings some potential good news.  

The Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday it is conducting an industry-wide investigation into cell phone billing practices amid complaints by customers of Verizon Wireless and other carriers of unwanted data charges.

The agency’s 10-month-long investigation, which it previously said was focused on Verizon, could subject other carriers to penalties if the FCC finds those firms charged “mystery fees” that violate its “truth and billing” guidelines. The agency didn’t disclose the names of other carriers that are being probed. An AT&T spokeswoman wrote in an e-mail that the company is unaware of an investigation into its practices. A Sprint Nextel spokesman said the company doesn’t generally comment on investigative matters at the FCC.

The investigation comes amid an effort by the FCC to step up its protection of consumers who are increasingly complaining of baffling charges on their cell phone and broadband Internet bills.

I hope they include ATT and Apple in the investigation, and look into the issue of phantom data usage on the iPhone for the way they’ve ignored these issues and wasted users’ time and money.
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