Are you noticing a decided slump in the number of readers (measured as “unique views”) for your blog?

The MAD Jewess has, and she believes WordPress — the server of her blog and also of Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM) — is deliberately suppressing and lying about her blog’s stats (statistics).


Read full discussion here:

6/22/13: Is WordPress censoring conservative blogs? | Fellowship of the Minds:


Maybe the quirks are from the overhaul of the WP Control Panel(?) — which finally appeared on my screen 6/18/13.

My post-via-email-BCC’s were not showing for days in a row earlier in June, so I haven’t used BCC much since then to be able to say definitively whether that problem has improved.

Maybe the new blogging site will be the future answer to all these problems.



(This email is being sent to this PM.wp blog via the TO-Field so it will show up.)


Again, my TPPN.yg received & posted the “Results” email ASAP no problem:

But the BCC copies (1st try & 2nd try) to this PM.wp blog did not show up:

This PM blog is for anything Internet-related which is why I am documenting this here & now. But this BCC-to-My-WP-Blogs problem has been going on for no less than 3 NIGHTS IN A ROW NOW (Wed., Thurs., Fri., 5/29, 5/30, 5/31/13) to SEVERAL OTHER of my WP blogs.

A. Is the evil culprit?
B. Or is Gmail the evil culprit?
C. Who is screwing up the BCC deliveries?
D. All emails are always sent from iPhone’s Mail app. Is the Mail app all the sudden knocking out the BCC’s? (I doubt it!)
E. How determine the answer? (I’m not tech saavy enough to know the answer but it HAS TO BE either Gmail or that are not delivering &/or blocking receipt of the BCC’s.)
F. NO “Failed to Deliver”/”Reject” emails have been received for ANY of the “Missing” Emails/BCC’s-to-My-WP-Blogs the past few days.

I refuse to always have to send separate emails to my YGs & my WP blogs, though I will do it this time to document the problem. Then it’s either:

1. Quit using Gmail Email service if it is not delivering BCC’s.
2. Quit using blogs if WP is blocking BCC’s all the sudden.
3. Quit blogging after 12 years & retire. :-/


Prior Details/BCC-emails tonight that never showed up here at PM.wp while trying to Test & Document the problem:

From: Me
Date: June 1, 2013 1:05:07 AM EDT
To: TPPN.yg
Bcc: PM.wp

Subject: Result: Testing Gmail’s BCC w/No Pics Attached

First Test Result:

–The original TO recipient/TPPN-YG, received the email ASAP no problem:

–BUT the BCC recipient to PM-WP blog never arrived:

No sense retesting WITH a pic attachment since that is obviously not the problem. It is obviously a BCC problem, going on at least 3 days now.

But WHO is the Evil Culprit interfering with BCC deliveries? Is it Gmail or

Here’s the original details:

From: Me
Date: June 1, 2013 12:32:30 AM EDT
To: TPPN.yg

Bcc: PM.wp

Subject: Testing Gmail’s BCC w/No Pics Attached

The past few days, when sending email to my YGs (TO Field) & to my WP blogs (BCC Field), the emails are not showing up at WP blogs.

All the missing emails had pics attached.

When I resent the same emails to WP ONLY (TO Field), they showed up fine.

So who/where is the interference w/the BCC’s? Gmail?

Testing now w/No Pics Attached, w/original to TPPN (TO) & a BCC to this WP blog.


Reported it here [to Google] yesterday which is evidently a waste of time as there are no responses:


To: TPPN.yg
Bcc: PM.wp


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